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[video premiere + intervista] CASA BASE #2 - Minus su SonOfMarketing

Fuori ora il secondo video della serie CASA BASE di Minus - Collettivo d'Improvvisazione, un progetto multimediale basato sull'improvvisazione a distanza, in esclusiva su SonOfMarketing.

How much important is the visual part for your music and for this project?

"Visuals have always been important for us, for instance the birth of our collective has been announced by two trailers realized with video artist Ivan Di Vita. We also worked with visual artist Elide Blind on “Tra(u)me”, a piece of musical theater commissioned to us by Teatro Comunale di Bologna in 2019. In this project the visual part is minimal, it recalls a view that has become very usual for all of us: the zoom call. But this time it’s not two people speaking, it’s two musicians improvising. We wanted to give a crude representation of this, so we choose not to use any visual effect, and absolutely no editing.

The artwork is also very important to us, and in the long term relationship with illustrator Valerio Immordino we are working together in building a new imaginative landscape for electronic music, far from the usual gloomy, post-industrial aesthetic."

Improvisation and experimentation are two important sides of your music. What is your definition of experimentation in music?

"In our opinion experimentation means searching new languages, trying to avoid cliches, or using them in a deconstructed form. We all studied electroacoustic music at Bologna conservatory, so we received a strong imprinting by the tradition of experimental electronic music. But we don’t want to fall in that cliche either, so we remain open to other influences: elements of jazz, rock and techno are elements that we use to build our own language that is in constant evolution.

Improvisation defines our music, that’s what we do, we are an improvisation group: all of our music is improvised."


Leggi l'intervista completa a cura di Nicola Orlandino su Son of Marketing


CASA BASE #2 (Daniele Carcassi e Mattia Loris Siboni)


CASA BASE è una ricerca di Minus – Collettivo d’improvvisazione da un’idea di Simone Faraci

Coordinamento musicale: Simone Faraci

Regia e montaggio video: Federico Pipia

Musicisti: Daniele Carcassi, Biagio Cavallo (musicista ospite), Simone Faraci, Giovanni Magaglio, Matteo Pastorello, Federico Pipia, Mattia Loris Siboni, Niccolò Salvi

Audio mix per la serie video: Matteo Pastorello (CASA BASE #1), Mattia Loris Siboni (CASA BASE #2), Niccolò Salvi (CASA BASE #3), Federico Pipia (CASA BASE #4).

Mastering: Matteo Pastorello (Slowth Records)

Artwork: Valerio Immordino


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